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Affirmation of a CEO on the move is a book journal project created with you in mind. This book journal brought together inspiring and encouraging affirmations written by Women & CEOs who want to reach you with motivational messages helping you to take every leap of faith in the front of every day difficulties that you may be facing. Affirmations are a great way to improve your mindset and achieve your goals. By repeating positive affirmations regularly, you can start to believe in yourself and your abilities even in a difficult moment. 


The Affirmation of a CEO on the move journal is full of wisdom and affirmations from 31 successful female CEOs.

What is in for you include living with gratitude, self-love, confidence and many more.

Affirmation of a CEO on the Move

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  • Order your book "Affirmation of a CEO on the Move" with a cover page colour that resonate with you. Choose from the 3 beautiful colours, or you can really get yourself the 3 colours and share with your friends and fammily. It's going to worth it! Expect 10 days for your book to arrive and make sure the address you provide is correct.

    It is a great privilege for our CEO (Imarenakhue Liliann Ehigie) to have the opportunity to contribute to this Amazing book. She is an Author for the first time! A dream comes through


    Genre: Anthology

    Author: Tiffany D. Bell and other 30 contriburing Authors

    Type: Book Journal

    Edition: 2022

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